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For Optometrists . . .Who is my optometrist?
Check CEHe is a Doctor of Optometry licensed and trained to determine powers of vision and write contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions
Table of Contents
NewsletterShe most likely is licensed as a Therapeutic Optometrist and an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist
General Information
For Patients . . .
Optometry DefinedYour Therapeutic Optometrist treats eye disorders and disease, prescribes medication, and may provide pre and post-op care for laser surgery
Filing a Complaint
Table of ContentsYour Optometric Glaucoma Specialist is a Therapeutic Optometrist licensed to treat glaucoma
For Applicants . . .
Applying for LicenseYour optometrist may perform vision therapy and diagnose and treat low vision
For Everyone . . .
Table of Contents
License VerificationWhat is the Optometry Board?
Public InformationA state agency authorized by the Texas Optometry Act to regulate the practice of optometry. The Optometry Act requires the Board to carefully screen applicants for an optometry license, insure that optometrists are eligible to renew their license on an annual basis, set fees, and investigate complaints. The Board has adopted rules to explain and enforce state law.
Optometry Act
Board Rules
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