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The Texas Optometry Board is a state regulatory agency, charged with implementing and administering the Texas Optometry Act (Chapter 351, Texas Occupations Code). The Act not only provides for the regulation of optometrists, but also contains provisions regarding ophthalmic dispensing.


The mission of the Texas Optometry Board is to promote, preserve, and protect the health, safety and economic welfare of the people of Texas through the regulation of the practice of optometry.

Services Provided By The Agency

Service Principles Regarding License Holders

The licensing and license renewal functions are of paramount concern to the agency and the citizens of Texas. It is the goal of the agency to ensure that all legal requirements for licensure are met by each applicant and renewing license holders. The agency will continue to provide prompt and accurate responses to questions from applicants and license holders. The agency will also continue to conduct regular reviews of the application and renewal process to make it as easy and efficient as possible while maintaining a high level of accuracy regarding compliance with the Texas Optometry Act.

The agency works diligently to process all applications for licensure within 45 days of submission and to license individuals within two weeks following completion of all test requirements. For those individuals renewing a license, a renewal certificate is normally mailed within seven working days from receipt of the completed renewal form.

Complaints Concerning the Services of an Optometrist

Complaint forms are provided to consumers and patients upon request. The agency addresses each and every written complaint and notifies the complainant as the complaint process progresses. The average time for complaint resolution is 77 calendar days. Consumer information pamphlets detailing the process for filing a complaint are available to the general public and to the optometric offices. The agency also requires each optometric office to display a consumer complaint sign or pamphlet with the address and phone number of the Texas Optometry Board.

General Service Principles


It is the goal of the agency to be not only accessible to the profession it licenses but to the general public via email, telephone, or written communication and to provide customer service in a friendly and useful manner. Foremost in its customer service is a complete and timely response to all questions and concerns about the Board and optometric practice and consumer interest questions. The Board encourages and welcomes suggestions, requests and feedback from all citizens. All communications and any concerns should be submitted in writing and the communications will be acknowledged within five working days.


In addition to providing information by correspondence and telephone, the agency maintains a web page that contains information on how to file a complaint with the Texas Optometry Board as well as how to become licensed. Optometry Board Website. Or you may access the website through the Official State of Texas Site.

Access to services provided by the agency can be obtained by contacting:
Lisa Holder, Customer Service Representative
Chris Kloeris, Executive Director
Texas Optometry Board
333 Guadalupe, Suite 2-420
Austin, TX 78701-3947
Telephone: 512/305-8500
Fax: 512-305-8501

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