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Board Rules

Chapter 271. Examinations
Chapter 277. Practice and Procedure

Chapter 272. Administration
Chapter 279. Interpretations

Chapter 273. General Rules
Chapter 280. Therapeutic Optometry

Chapter 275. Continuing Education
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The Board has adopted the following rules to clarify and interpret the Texas Optometry Act. Each link is to the official copy of the Board Rule on the website of the Secretary of State (Texas Administrative Code)
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  Chapter 271. Examinations
271.1 Definitions
271.2 Applications
271.3 Jurisprudence Examination Administration
271.4 Reserved
271.5 Licensure Without Examination
271.6 National Board Examination
271.7 Criminal History Evaluation Letters

  Chapter 272. Administration
272.1 Open Records.
272.2 Historically Underutilized Business
272.3 Bid and Purchasing Protest Procedures

  Chapter 273. General Rules
273.1 Surrender of License
273.2 Use of Name of Retired or Deceased Optometrist
273.3 Contact Lenses as Prize or Premium
273.4 Fees (Not Refundable)
273.5 Clinical Instruction and Practice - Limited License for Clinical Faculty
273.6 Licenses for a Limited Period
273.7 Inactive Licenses and Retired License for Volunteer Charity Care
273.8 Renewal of License
273.9 Public Interest Information
273.10 Licensee Compliance with Payment Obligations
273.11 Public Participation in Meetings
273.12 Profile Information
273.13 Contract or Employment with Community Health Centers
273.14 Licenses for Military and Military Spouse

  Chapter 275. Continuing Education
275.1 General Requirements
275.2 Required Education

  Chapter 277. Practice and Procedure
277.1 Complaint Procedures
277.2 Disciplinary Proceedings
277.3 Probation
277.4 Reinstatement
277.5 Convictions
277.6 Administrative Fines and Penalties
277.7 Patient Records
277.8 Emergency Temporary Suspension or Restriction
277.9 Alternative Dispute Resolution
277.10 Remedial Plans

  Chapter 279. Interpretations
279.1 Contact Lens Examination
279.2 Contact Lens Prescriptions
279.3 Spectacle Examination
279.4 Spectacle and Ophthalmic Devices Prescriptions
279.5 Dispensing Ophthalmic Materials
279.6 Reserved
279.7 Reserved
279.8 Reserved
279.9 Advertising
279.10 Professional Identification
279.11 Relationship with Dispensing Optician -- Books and Records
279.12 Relationship with Dispensing Optician -- Separation of Offices
279.13 Board Interpretation Number Thirteen (Practice at Industrial Site, School or Nursing Home)
279.14 Patient Files
279.15 Board Interpretation Number Fifteen (Practice with Contagious Disease)
279.16 Telehealth Services

  Chapter 280. Therapeutic Optometry
280.1 Application for Certification
280.2 Required Education
280.3 Certified Therapeutic Optometrist Examination
280.4 Reserved
280.5 Prescription and Diagnostic Drugs for Therapeutic Optometry
280.6 Procedures Authorized for Therapeutic Optometrists
280.7 Reserved
280.8 Optometric Glaucoma Specialist: Required Education, Examination and Clinical Skills Evaluation
280.9 Application for Licensure as Optometric Glaucoma Specialist
280.10 Optometric Glaucoma Specialist: Administration and Prescribing of Oral Medications and Anti-Glaucoma Drugs
280.11 Treatment of Glaucoma by an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist

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