Addiction and Mental Health Help

Alcohol or Drug Problem?

Mental Health Issues?

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Are you an optometrist, or do you know an optometrist, with any of the following symptoms?

Drinking alcohol in more than moderate amounts
Abusing drugs
Physical or mental impairment
Not practicing optometry in a manner that is in the public’s interest

Are you a student in optometry school, or do you know a student, with similar symptoms?


Confidential Help is Available

Help is available at the Professional Recovery Network (PRN)

PRN Website


About PRN

The Professional Recovery Network (PRN) was established by Texas Pharmacy Association and provides assistance to optometrists, pharmacy professionals, dental professionals, and veterinarians who are having personal problems that may impact their ability to practice in a safe and competent manner

The Optometry Board contracts with PRN to provide these services to licensees and students in optometry school.

Contacts with the PRN are confidential.

PRN provides trained staff to assist and refer those who may need help.

Additional information is available on the PRN Website.

See also the Optometry Board August 2014 Newsletter.