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Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse
Reportanto Fraude, Abuso de los Recursos del Estado
Article IX, Section 17.05
Sec. 17.05. Fraud Reporting.
A state agency or institution of higher education appropriated funds by this Act, shall use appropriated funds to assist with the detection and reporting of fraud involving state funds, including funds received pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, as follows:
(a) By providing information on the home page of the entity's website on how to report suspected fraud waste and abuse involving state resources directly to the State Auditor's Office. This shall include, at a minimum, the State Auditor's fraud hotline information and a link to the State Auditor's website for fraud reporting; and
(b) By including in the agency or institution's policies information on how to report suspected fraud involving state funds to the state auditor.
State Auditor's Website
sao.fraud.state.tx.usInformation on reporting fraud, including an on-line report form [Información sobre las casos de fraude; incluyendo una forma de informe en línea].
State Auditor's Telephone Hotline
1-800-TX-AUDITTelephone number for reporting fraud [Número de teléfono para reportar fraude].

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