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August 2018

•Required Registration and Use of Prescription Monitoring Program  •Peer Assistance  •On-Line License Renewal Certificates  •Information for New Licensees  •Reporting Illegal Contact Sales  •Office Inspections  •Deaf Patients  •Disaster Volunteering

August 2017

•Changes to Optometry Act (renewal fee changes, fingerprint requirements)  •Prescription Monitoring Program  •Peer Assistance  •EMR Issues  •Information for New Licensees  •Optometrist Websites  •Office Inspections  •New Laws

August 2016

•Controlled Substance Permits  •Prescription Monitoring Program  •Peer Assistance  •Disruptive Patients  •Information for New Licensees  •Customer Survey  •Office Inspections  •Sunset Commission Review

August 2015

•Substance Abuse & Mental Health Issues  •License Renewal Fee Changes  •New Laws and Rules, Internet & Social Media  •Information for New Licensees  •Deaf Patients & Interpreters  •DPS Controlled Substances Permit  •Office Inspections  •Continuing Education Requirements

August 2014

•Help For Doctors With Substance Abuse & Mental Health Issues  •Contact Lens Rx  •Common Questions  •License Renewal Procedure  •New Licensee Information  •Pain Management Information  •Amended Rules  •Office Inspections  •Continuing Education Requirements

August 2013

•Office Inspections  •Rx Signature Requirements  •New Optometry Laws  •License Renewal Procedure  •New Licensee Information  •Help For Doctors With Substance Abuse & Mental Health Issues  •Pain Management Information  •Amended Rules  •Optometry School News  •Continuing Education Requirements

August 2012

•Missed Renewal Deadline But Still Practicing  •Compliance Issues  •Rx Signature Requirements  •Mobile Clinics  •New Licensee Information  •Help For Doctors With Substance Abuse & Mental Health Issues  •Continuing Education Requirements  •Amended Rules  •License Renewal Procedure

February 2012

Special Advertising Issue:  •Advertising “Board Certified” or “Specialist”  •Required Professional Identification on Prescriptions, Office Door, and in Advertising   •Required Names on Office Door  •Advertising Restrictions When Leasing Space From a Retailer  •Advertising “Free Eye Exams”  •Advertising Unauthorized Procedures, Duties, and Comparisons

Older Issues

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