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2017 License Renewal

On-Line Renewal Available November 1, 2016

Notice!  Renewal Certificate Availability
The Optometry Board makes every effort to mail renewal certificates within seven days of receiving the license renewal payment. Please consider this time period and the possibility of holiday mail delays.
If you need a renewal certificate before the end of the year, renew your license as early as possible!

  1. Determine Eligibility to Renew On-line
 Active License:  You may renew on-line now if:
you are renewing as active,
have completed continuing education requirements (click here for requirements) by submitting proof of CE completion to the Board (please give the Board a few days to post your submission)
Inactive License:  You may renew on-line now if:
you are renewing as inactive
New Licensees:  If you were first licensed in 2016, you
may renew on-line now if:
you are renewing as active
Military / VA:  Please see green header below.
Changing License  If you are changing license status (active to
Status:  inactive, or inactive to active), please contact
the Board so that the on-line renewal can be configured to accept your renewal. Choose the "Changing Status" link below.
All Others:  Please contact the Board.
  2. Select Link:
I am eligible to renew on-line Changing Status
  Military / U.S. Government:
Military & VA: If you are in the military or federal government service, please click here.

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