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Therapeutic Optometrist Certification
Necessity:  An optometrist licensed in Texas prior to August 31, 1992, may continue to practice optometry. However, the optometrist may choose to become therapeutically licensed under Section 351.252 of the Texas Optometry Act.
Eligibility:  Prior to applying for a therapeutic license, a licensed optometrist must:
  • successfully complete at least 90 classroom hours of board approved post graduate course work and clinical training in general and ocular pharmacology and related pathology and pass the test administered by the course
  • of the 90 hours, a minimum of 20 hours must be obtained in applied clinical skills
  • successfully pass the TMOD examination administered by NBEO (taken after January of 1985).
See Board Rules 280.1 - 280.3.
Application:  A completed application will include:
  • completed application (application is on website)
  • a fee of $80.00
  • attached to the application the original proof of passage of the ocular therapeutics course and exam
  • original proof of passage of the TMOD examination submitted by the NBEO

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